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Code of Conduct

Public Hearing and Adoption

Every school district is required to adopt and annually review a code of conduct for the maintenance of order on school property and school functions, which governs the conduct of students, teachers, other school personnel, as well as visitors to the schools. Annually, a school board may adopt revisions to the code of conduct only after at least one public hearing that provides for the participation of school personnel, parents, students and other interested parties. Once a public hearing has been held, the board may vote on and approve the proposed revisions. Districts must file the revised code of conduct with the Commissioner of Education within thirty (30) days of adoption

Public Hearing:  August 23

Board Adoption:  September 6 (or sooner if there is a special board meeting)

If you have any suggestions on the Code of Conduct, please email Superintendent LaBarr at or call her at 315-785-3705.

View WCSD Code of Conduct - DRAFT