Interim Business Official - Sally Switzer

Phone: 315-785-3714


Degrees and Certifications:

Interim Business Official - Sally Switzer

The Business Office handles all accounts payable, accounts receivable, school tax collection, and financial reports for the Watertown City School District.

Accounts payable encompasses contracts the District has with vendors that provide services, purchases requested through Purchase Orders, as well as reimbursements.  Payroll is handled by the Payroll Department.

Accounts receivable is responsible for billing any outside agency for services provided by the District.

The Tax Collector accepts school tax payments from the beginning of October until the end of November at which time any unpaid taxes are sent to the City or County for collection.

The Business Office produces a Financial Report and a Treasurer's Report and these reports are presented to the Board of Education on a monthly basis.  Annually, the District has an External Auditor check the District's finances and determine how they have been handled throughout the year.  Information from this report is consolidated and put into annual financial statements and subsequently filed with the New York State and presented to the Board Members.

A separate audit is done for all extracurricular activities in the District and a separate financial statement is issued for these funds.

The Mission of the Watertown City School District Business Office is to provide support to all District students, staff, parents, and the Watertown Community, as well as ensure that all business operations are supportive of the instructional goals and objectives of the District and in alignment with all Federal and State guidelines.