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Superintendent - Patricia LaBarr


Are you ready to bring your ‘A’ game? Support for our students, each other, and our mission remains at the forefront of our work. Several stakeholders in the Watertown City School District spent the past year creating a five-year Strategic Plan for 2018-2023. The goals are:

  • Strengthen collaboration among schools, families, and community.

  • Promote physical and mental wellbeing of students and staff.

  • Assure that all structures meet the physical and functional
    needs of the district.

  • Expand learning opportunities for ALL students.

  • Create effective schedules that maximize opportunities for ALL students.

  • Engage students through current applications of critical thinking,
    communication, collaboration, and creativity, which align with learning     
    standards and incorporate meaningful assessments of student work.

With this plan came the birth of a new mission statement:  Watertown City School District is committed to building a caring culture that fosters lifelong learners and responsible citizens. What will you do to support our mission?

Remember to be AWESOME for kids – they’re why we do what we do.

 Always remember our ‘student first’ motto!

We are a team!

Every day is a new opportunity!


One person can make a difference!

Make connections with students/families, staff, and community!

Excellence – we make excellence happen through hard work and learning! 

Bring your ‘A’ game!

Together, we are TEAM AWESOME! 

Superintendent LaBarr

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