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 Superintendent's of Schools - Terry N. Fralick



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Superintendent's of Schools - Terry N. Fralick

Welcome to the Watertown City School District website. As you peruse through our website and associated links you will discover that our school district provides a wide spectrum of educational programs and extra-curricular opportunities. All of our employees, in both the instructional and non-instructional areas, are considered educators; and they take this responsibility seriously. In our schools, all adults are role models for our students.

In addition, the health and safety of our students and staff are high priorities in our school district. An Ad-Hoc Committee comprised of school employees including our Food Service Director, our Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, nurses, teachers, administrators, and myself have held several meetings to address concerns related to allergies that pose a significant health risk. Our committee has conducted a great deal of research that will lead to up-to-date protocol for the prevention and intervention in response to allergic reactions that may occur in and around school facilities. Recently, we have focused on peanut allergies.

Our long-standing Watertown City School District Safety Committee is chaired by Mr. John Forsythe, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. Staff members from both the instructional and non-instructional areas participate on this committee. The role of this committee is to facilitate effective communication and to recommend appropriate action in regard to health and safety concerns in our school district.

Also, a District-Wide Task Force has been organized to address harassment, bullying, depression and other related social issues which may occur among our students. This initiative is being implemented in conjunction with other measures in compliance with New York State legislation entitled The Dignity for All Students Act (DASA). Parents, administrators, teachers, counselors, psychologists, as well as Board of Education members are participating on the Task Force. The mission of the Task Force is to develop early intervention strategies that will facilitate positive resolutions for students.

Members of our Board of Education volunteer an extraordinary amount of time to our school district. In addition to the two regularly scheduled Board of Education meetings each month, members attend monthly meetings that are associated with the following permanent committees: 1.) Curriculum/Educational Technology, 2.) Personnel, 3.) Finance/Audit/and Facilities, 4.) Policy/Legislation and 5.) Public Relations/Transportation. This commitment by the members of the Board of Education is both a reflection and a catalyst in regard to the dynamic learning and teaching environment in the Watertown City School District.

I look forward to an opportunity to share more detailed information about our school district with you. Please contact me with any of the options listed below:

Telephone: 315-785-3705

Fax: 315-785-6855

E-mail: tfralick@watertowncsd.org

Thank you for visiting our website.

Terry N. Fralick