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Mrs. Velasquez

UPDATE-MARCH, 2020 (amidst many changes!)

I decided I should update my website since I actually have the time to do it right now!  I decided to copy and paste my thoughts from earlier today as I volunteered and then left my classroom for an uncertain amount of time.  Here is what I wrote:

Dear Students and Parents,

As I closed my door today, I felt so much uncertainty.  Seeing some of you today filled me with mixed emotions!  I wanted to hug you.  I wanted to cry.

Yes, we were all laughing and keeping things light, but I think we all had the same pit in our stomachs?  When will we grace the halls of Watertown High School again?  Will we?  That's the unknown.  And unknown is scary.

So I want you, my students, and your parents, to know it's ok to feel all kinds of emotions.  It's about the only thing about this situation that IS normal!  It's ok to not be ok.  I'm here for each and all of you for the duration!  We got this!

-Mrs. V.

(a.k.a. "Mama V.") ;-)

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