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Important Message from Superintendent - Patricia LaBarr


From the Desk of the Superintendent of Schools

On April 1, 2019, the Watertown City School District held a community forum on Fire Safety.  The American Red Cross presented the Sound the Alarm/Save a Life, Home Preparedness Campaign, and Smoke Alarms Save Lives programs. They shared information about home fire safety checklists, escape plans, drills, and how to receive up to three free smoke alarms.  All of these materials can be found on our District website. 

The American Red Cross shared that, in the event of a fire, the first step is to try to follow the home fire escape plan.  Get out of the house!  In the event that you are unable to get out, it was suggested to use an emergency whistle that should be placed next to the bed or hanging near the bedroom window to possibly alert a neighbor or firefighter.  All attendees also received a free whistle. Families were asked to have conversations as to how the whistles would fit into their safety plans. 

Whistles are one of the simplest and most effective items you can have with you in an emergency or survival situation. The sound of a whistle will attract rescue personnel to your location. Since there were only 50 attendees at the event in April, and we had 5,000 whistles, we decided to give every student a whistle at his/her Open House. 

Please take time to talk about fire safety in your home and practice your home fire escape plan. 

Home Fire Escape Plan              Home Fire Preparedness Campaign 
Home Fire Safety Checklist        Smoke Alarms Save Lives!