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Egg Hatching Streaming Live from Mrs. Fregoe-Cronks's Agriculture Education Program at WHS

Chicken and turkey eggs were donated by Mrs. Fregoe-Cronk, and 2 hobby farms around Watertown.  Each class has monitored the humidity and temperature of the incubators since March 18th. 
Classes will monitor the growth and food intake of the chicks to learn about feed efficiency.  After we are able to determine the hens from the roosters they will be returned to the farms.  

The incubator is currently in the rocking stage and the eggs have been incubating for 17 days.  On Friday the eggs will be removed from the rockers and will be placed on the green mats.  The chicken eggs will start hatching around Monday, April 8th and on April 15th the turkeys will begin to hatch.  We currently have 56 chicken eggs and 2 turkey eggs.  The turkey eggs will take an additional 7 days of incubation.  

The chicks will live in brooders after hatching, and the Animal Science classes will monitor their growth and food intake.  We will continue to care for them into May when they will go to their homes. 

The live stream will be available from Friday, April 5th until April 30th. 
Egg hatching FFA Watertown Egg Hatching FFA Watertown